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Poetry Events in Honor of National Poetry Month


  April 27 — Robert Frost’s Spring Poems at the Dorset Inn. Join Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert for a discussion of three of Frost's greatest poems, each about spring and each warranting a closer look: "Nothing Gold Can Stay," "Two Tramps in Mud Time," and "Mending Wall." Participants may read the poems in advance or read them upon arriving. Peter Gilbert is the literary executor of the Robert Frost Estate. Hosted by the Dorset Village Library. Sunday, April 27, 3:00pm, Dorset Inn Living Room.To learn more, 802.867.5774.

April 1–30 — PoemCity 2014. Grant Event. This fifth annual city-wide celebration of poetry honors National Poetry month. Poems are displayed in windows around town and at the library, and lectures, workshops, and readings are offered involving professional and amateur poets. Hosted by the Kellogg-Hubbard Library and supported by a VHC grant. Montpelier, various locations. Rachel Senechal, (802) 223-3338, poemcityvt.wordpress.com.








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